With over 20 million field service technicians throughout the world, it’s safe to say these types of industries aren’t going away any time soon. Running this type of business on your own can be equal parts challenging and rewarding.

But what if there were a field services app or some sort of field service manager for small businesses? In today’s world, this is completely possible. This type of software can assist with monitoring, scheduling, and dispatching your team members most effectively and efficiently possible.

If you currently manage your business’ dispatching services, but you know it could be done in a better way, there are solutions to help save you time and money.

What Is Field Service?

The phrase “field service” refers to industries that require tasks to be completed in the field versus being performed on the company’s property. This typically means business owners sending their employees to the job site to complete a task such as installing, replacing, or repairing a system.

Field service employees, often referred to as field employees or field service practitioners, perform specific tasks for a variety of clients. Traditionally, you may think of field service examples such as HVAC employees, electricians, or cleaning services, but the field services industry is expanding to industries such as healthcare, education, hospitality, and more.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the global workforce happens away from a desk, and field service industries are the perfect example of this statistic.

What Is Field Service Management (FSM)?

As you can imagine, there are many moving parts to keep track of in field service industries. From managing different schedules to communicating effectively with your employees to collecting relevant data from each job, there is a lot to oversee.

This is where field management software (FSM) come into play. Field service management allows for the streamlining of many of these processes, and it can help cut back on wasted time and energy. It will simplify the lives of both your field team as well as your administrative team that is manning the office.

Having access to tools such as field service dispatch management may not seem like a big deal, but the industry is only becoming more complex and competitive with time. Having the right software can give you a leg up on your competition and alleviate business stress.

Other reasons to consider field service management:

  • Allows business owners to contact both full-time employees and contractors in the same manner, blending these two workforces.
  • Accommodate your customers’ needs by dispatching the closest and most convenient field contractor to their location.
  • An increasing number of industries are relying on field service management, so even if your company isn’t a “traditional” field service, you may still be able to benefit.

Field Service Management Benefits

Although it is a financial investment, field service management offers a variety of different benefits to you and your business. Some highlights include:

  • Your business will run more efficiently: Outdated, manual systems can slow down the operations of your business while the right management platform offers streamlined tools and processes.
  • More data: Having access to new data points in your business can provide invaluable insight into your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Use this data to develop meaningful KPIs to keep your business on track.
  • More focus on the customer: Because your field employees will be less focused on logistics and more focused on the task at hand, they will be able to pour their focus into your customers and communicate efficiently.
If your company is looking to improve its field service management and organization, the right FSM can make a world of difference.

What Is Field Service Management Software?

So, what is field service software? There are various definitions that you can find on the internet. Still, in its simplest terms, it is a system designed to help keep track of the many different moving parts involved in a field service company’s daily operations.

Field service management software tools may include assisting with scheduling calls, dispatching employees, collecting work orders and payments, and many more useful tasks. The tasks you once thought needed to be automated can now operate without your constant monitoring and attention.

It is expected that the field service management system market will be worth roughly $5.9 billion by the year 2024, and purchasing software now can help your business stay one step ahead of its competitors.

Features of Field Service Management Software

Field service management features are nothing short of impressive, especially as technology continues to evolve. Here are some of the main features you can expect.

Manage Work Orders

Speed up and organize your work order process through the right FSM. It allows you to create and assign new work orders or move them from one employee to another. You can also allow your technicians to check jobs manually and they’ll easily be able to provide the customer with updates along the way.

Improve Scheduling and Dispatching

Automatically schedule new appointments and dispatch the closest team members to the job. FSM can even optimize the route your field employee takes to get to the job to cut down on wasted time.

Monitor Technicians

Technicians will be able to update the status of the job and provide real-time updates, immediately notifying you of any issues that arise. You’ll have useful data following each appointment.

Track Vehicles

Stay updated on the location of your company trucks and vehicles and get access to data in real-time. Knowing where your vehicles are can help you dispatch the nearest one to each job as well.

Manage Inventory

If your company uses specific equipment, field management software can help manage who is using what piece of equipment through an organized sign-in and sign-out system.

Create Compliance Checklists

Create and implement checklists in advance to better organize your company’s regulatory and compliance needs.

Which Industries Need Field Management Software?

Field management software can transform the operations of a variety of businesses. There are a variety of field service management industries that utilize this type of software to make their daily tasks easier and more organized.

In reality, any field services company can benefit from field management software regardless of the size of the business. You may traditionally associate field service with businesses such as HVAC companies, paint contractors, maid services, lawn care services, etc., but more and more businesses are transitioning into mobile operations.

Other examples of businesses that can benefit include:

  • Mobile vets
  • Mobile dentists
  • Construction companies
  • Property maintenance
  • Building inspectors
  • Pipeline inspectors
  • Roofers
  • Office maintenance companies
  • Installation and maintenance services

If your business involves dispatching one or more professionals to a certain location to perform a task, you can benefit from a field management software. It allows you to operate more efficiently and in a streamlined approach.

Why Does Your Business Need a Field Service Management Platform?

The advantages of field service management software are abundant, and your mobile workforce will directly benefit from its upsides. Today’s consumers expect timely and efficient service, and this platform can assist in meeting your customer’s every need.

You have one chance to make a strong first impression with your customer, so why not get it right from the jump? One bad experience with your business and your customers will turn to your competition.

Here are only some examples of what your field employees must keep track of daily:

  • Strike the right balance between staying busy but not feeling overworked.
  • Planning calls or deliveries for future appointments.
  • Keep track of templates to fill out quotes and contracts accurately.
  • Equipment to complete the task at hand.
  • Minimize or eliminate errors to ensure the job is completed promptly.
  • Get to each job as efficiently as possible.
  • Fill up a gas tank if necessary.
  • Communicate with your dispatch team consistently.
FSM helps your company stay competitive and can assist in helping you stand out from the crowd.

How Much Does an FSM Software Cost?

Many factors determine the cost of field management software. The type of business you run, how big your team is, and how many jobs you’ll need to keep track of will all play into the cost. There is also an installation fee that you should factor in.

The more customization you want the platform to have, the more expensive it will be. For example, if you want to access 24/7 assistance to your customers instead of only during your business hours, this will be more expensive.

Taking advantage of free trials can help you experiment with options and find out which platform is the ideal solution for your needs. Again, we encourage you to consider the cost of not investing in an FSM versus what it will cost to purchase it. Are you willing to compromise on such an important aspect of your business?

Top Field Service Management Providers

What is the best field service management software? There are many different options you can consider, including:


This cloud-based platform helps businesses manage and organize their field services. From business management to easy online booking assistance, Vonigo can help save your company time and money.

They offer a built-in royalty collection and reporting system in addition to integrations such as accounting, route optimizations, and bank-grade SSL encryption. You can take a tour of Vonigo to explore its features.


This particular FSM has plans starting at $149 per month, with the most expensive plans costing $399 per month. It helps companies manage schedules, dispatch team members, and take care of reporting. It also can be integrated with Quickbooks to make billing simple.

They also offer free demos to help business owners understand the offerings of their platform.


Dispatch is another field service management software that’s designed to help service enterprises that rely on flexible networks. It can help your business onboard new employees, find the right service provider, and manage specific job details. Request a demo to see how it works with your business.


ServiceTitan works with franchises and a variety of other businesses with their web development, customer franchise applications, mobile applications, and business consulting.


ServiceMinder helps you understand where your business is coming from and how to invest in solutions that are working. It easily tracks and manages prospects, customers, and partners while providing business owners with useful data to drive future business decisions.

ServiceMinder helps both businesses and franchises use their data in a meaningful way to ultimately drive future business growth. Take advantage of a free personalized demo.

Field Service Management Software Savings

Understanding the benefits of field service management software can help you feel good about your investment. In addition to increasing your business’ ROI and streamlining many of your processes, there are other benefits to consider.

Put Customers First

If your team is operating at peak performance, your customers will notice. Efficient and straightforward scheduling, in addition to timely and professional service, will keep customers coming back to your business.

Save Time & Money

The saying “time is money” exists for a reason. When you’re able to lean on software to help with scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and status updates, your business will be operating as efficiently as possible.

Magnify Efficiency

Field management software can bridge the gap between your business’ office and your field employees. This allows every employee you have to work as efficiently as possible, knowing they’ll receive the right information when they need it to complete the task at hand.


If you’re tired of juggling business tools and processes and you’re looking for a streamlined solution, consider investing in field management software. Tasks that once took up the bulk of your day can easily be automated without a second thought.

Take advantage of Serviceminder’s offerings by scheduling a free demo with our team! We’d love to better understand your business and offer relevant solutions to benefit you. Schedule yours today!