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IFA Supplier Forum Member

As a Supplier Forum member of the International Franchise Association, you can rest assured that we understand your business. We help franchise systems just like yours operate more efficiently and with clearer, easier to understand reporting and analytics than you ever thought possible. And we love a challenge -- tell us yours and we'll help you get on the road to the future.

" is a critical part of our operations. Our franchisees use it to run their businesses and we use it to manage our brands, from operations to marketing to analytics. We started using the platform in one brand, and have now converted all of our brands to it. The team behind anticipates our needs and is responsive to our requests. It's a comprehensive solution that adds value to our franchise systems.

Chris Grandpre Chairman & CEO, Outdoor Living Brands, Inc.

Tools for Home Services Franchise Systems was built from the ground up to run a service business. But we didn't stop there. We added the tools you need to manage an entire system of service businesses, from scheduling to appointment conversions to real time revenue.

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From scheduling and dispatch to generating proposals, estimates and invoices, provides a single platform to manage every step of a service business. The service-oriented CRM framework helps track customers, the revenue pipeline and marketing activities. Optional email campaign management allows easy followup with existing customers and prospects.

System Reporting

End of Month reporting is the foundation of tracking the performance of your system. But it's also out of date by the time you get all the data in place. gives you real time data on appointments, proposal conversions, average sales and more. Everything you need to get an accurate, easily understood view of your system, 24x7 -- with data like average ticket, close rate, delivery backlog, and sales pipeline.

Built-in Store and Services MarketPlace

Do you provide product fulfillment? Our integrated store makes it easy for your franchisors to purchase their product directly within With features like organization level shopping carts, one-click ordering from proposals and favorites and mobile support, franchisees will save time every time they order. You can also add to the MarketPlace for approved third party offerings (both one time and monthly billables).

Integrated Technical Support

Franchisees can request technical support through's built in Help system. can integrate with your existing ticket system. Your field support team can easily get into a franchisee's account to help them out as well as implement system best practices.

Powerful Open API

The API makes it easy to integrate scheduling and lead distribution directly into your brand's website. Have direct access to your customer's availability as well as add new leads, all in real time.

Integrated Texting Support

Your zee's customers are texting. A lot. Integrated texting enables seamless conversations without ever leaving Add "text us!" links to your zee's website to keep them engaged. All conversations become part of the permanent record. You'll have a dedicated local numbers for each zee to use. Send appointment confirmations via text.

Rich Integrations

It's all about the data. has seamless integrations with platforms such as QuickBooks, Listen360 and others. Our team can onboard almost any data sourdce into the platform for you. Take the data you're collecting and do more with it.

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