If you're in franchising, I’m sure you’ve heard of ServiceMinder by now—either what we do or a warning about our relentless dad jokes. Hopefully, you’ve heard that since we're the award-winning platform for managing and operating home service brands, the corny jokes are bearable.

If you're familiar with ServiceMinder, you might know a thing or two about the man behind this innovative solution, John Keene.

Where it All Started

ServiceMinder CEO/Founder, John Keene started his franchise journey in 2006 as an Outdoor Lighting Perspective franchisee. As a franchisee, he noticed a huge gap in the home service industry.

Keene identified a major issue, how could a service agent answer the phone if they’re under the sink or on the ladder? Queue light bulb graphic How can a franchise ever operate at scale or grow if leads are slipping away while the business owner or service agent is “on the job”? How can they make their client experience match “the big guys” with a whole team focused on communicating with the client? The answer is practical automation.

Keene recognized the struggles and strengths of the industry and was determined to create a solution to eliminate hurdles for home service brands. In 2012, Keene and his son Kyle launched ServiceMinder.

How it’s Going

ServiceMinder is now the leading platform for managing and operating home service brands, serving over 50 brands with 2000+ franchise locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Not only is ServiceMinder becoming a household name in the franchising space, but they are also growing internally. In just 3 years, ServiceMinder has gone from 6 employees to 21 and counting.

With Keene's industry experience and passion for franchising, he creates a culture for ServiceMinder to embrace every client like it’s their brand. It’s important to John, that ServceMinder team members act as strategic partners rather than just typical vendors.

Besides telling endless dad jokes, John also loves geeking out with other members of the franchise community over topics like data management and optimizing operations with the right tools.

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Where You Can Find Him

You can find Keene’s conference schedule here and if you don’t believe us about the endless dad jokes connect with him on LinkedIn