While ServiceMinder wholeheartedly supports women in franchising every day of the year, International Women's Month provides a special opportunity to honor a dedicated women empowerment champion.

We're excited to spotlight our Director of Marketing, who recently shared her journey into franchising and her impactful experiences with others during her relatively brief yet focused time in the industry.

Who is ServiceMinder

Before delving into the key takeaways from the podcast interview and the highlights of International Women's Month, we should probably tell you about us first.

ServiceMinder is the platform for managing and operating home services brands.

Acquire leads seamlessly with 24/7 scheduling, branded proposals, and targeted email campaigns. Track leads with extensive reporting options and convert prospects by enhancing client experience through innovation. Grow your franchise by making decisions based on data, at the brand or location level.

50% of ServiceMinder’s leadership team is female

About 50% of ServiceMinder employees identify as females.

ServiceMinder is a consistent sponsor for the Houston WFN Chapter. Register for the next event here

Podcast Highlights

Olivia fondly recalls her childhood as resembling a scene straight out of a "Barbie movie," where her mom and grandma served as powerful role models, instilling in her the belief that women can achieve anything from the get-go. Stepping into the world of franchising, she was enveloped by a sense of openness and sisterhood that struck a chord with her instantly. Reflecting on her journey from the cosmetic industry to franchising, Olivia shares how she was drawn to the industry's culture which she describes as genuine and authentic.

What drew Olivia to ServiceMinder specifically was the brand’s transparent messaging. Their culture spoke to her deeply, resonating with her values and beliefs from the get-go.

Looking ahead, Olivia is excited about the prospect of paying it forward alongside the other women of ServiceMinder and becoming a beacon of inspiration for younger women in the industry. She's eager to share her experiences and insights, with the next generation of female leaders.

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