Not every service business relies on regular repeatable revenue. If you're installing major home components that have a very long life and don't require any regular maintenance (such as kitchen counters, tile, etc.), you're probably not banking on your customers calling you back every few months for a new project.

But most service businesses have some regular repeatability to them. Even HVAC installers can generate recurring revenue from periodic maintenance. But how do you track and report on that initial versus repeat revenue?

The Pivot Grid

The pivot grid is a common tool that lets you take normal "row and column" data and change how it's grouped and sorted. serviceminder includes a pivot grid for analyzing your invoice data. It loads in all of the service and add-on data from every invoice and then lets you group the data by year, quarter, month as well as by service and part. You can even group by lead source or campaign to tie different types of revenue back to the campaign that drove them in.

Initial Versus Repeat Revenue

Initial Revenue is defined as revenue generated on the first invoice to a customer. Repeat revenue is any revenue that comes after that for the same customer. The Repeat Pivot Grid header will add two columns to your grid: Initial and Repeat. You can group that by year, quarter or month and compare how your repeat revenue is performing compared to initial revenue.

And what does it take to set this up? Nothing! Just go to the Reporting module and click on the Revenue Pivot Grid.