It’s that time of year again…the weather is getting warmer, the season is changing and your brand's services are in high demand.

Everyone knows about accountants’ infamous busy season, but unlike most, serviceminder understands and acknowledges the hardships of home services' busy season.

As suppliers for home services brands for over 10 years, serviceminder provides the tools to make your busy season less stressful and more successful.

Here’s how…


First things first, in order to survive and thrive this season, do yourself a favor and let serviceminder mind the work for you.

Using serviceminder, you can automate those daily tedious tasks like reporting, adding a contact, scheduling, you name it-serviceminder is a well-oiled, self-operating machine.

From drip campaigns to support your marketing efforts to recurring billing for your clients, this platform takes the stress of manual errors off you and your team's plate.

serviceminder, plus its intuitive integrations, allow your brand to grow and operate without the lift of a finger. Once you’ve customized and configured your serviceminder account to support your business needs, you can consider this platform your one-stop-shop for success.


Now, let’s backtrack for a minute. Before we start setting up automation, let’s get organized. Lucky for you, serviceminder makes organization very quick and easy.

With busy season comes more contacts, appointments, projects, AKA more information in general. Instead of being overwhelmed with the positive growth, utilize that information and organize it in serviceminder.

serviceminder offers features like photo tagging, which can be used for insurance purposes, before and after photos, or internal use. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned, disorganized online folder and implement photo tagging to access your brand's work at any time. Another organizational tool is contact categories and tags. These features allow you to group your contacts and search by filters. Want to send an email to your “Leaf clean up” customers ONLY? Well, all you have to do is find the accurate tag and launch that email campaign, it’s that simple.

Lastly, everyone can appreciate a detailed and color-coded calendar. With one glance you can see your service agents' schedules by month, day, or week. Similar to most of serviceminder’s features the calendar is customizable to meet your brand’s needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

Now, we know this is obvious but customer service and experience are more important than ever. But, we know it can be challenging to be fully attentive to every customer without the right support platform.

serviceminder enhances your customers’ experience by offering unique features that allow your brand to stand out from others.

Unable to answer the phone at all times? Don’t worry serviceminder has a partner integration for that. Integrating with call centers improves the scheduling process, making it quicker for your customers and stress-free for you and your team!

serviceminder’s integrations also include features like two-way texting to improve communications between the service agents and customers.

Bottom line, customers like transparency and convenience, serviceminder allows you to elevate the customer experience with ease.

Busy Season Survival Kit

It’s impossible to list all the feature’s that this comprehensive platform offers, but if you’re interested in how serviceminder can get your brand through busy season, book a free 1:1 demo click here