Calling all service-based franchisors! Feeling overwhelmed during this busy season? Have no fear, the franchised-focused experts are here. Whether you want to start implementing tips and tricks now or hoping to get ahead next busy season, this is the perfect webinar for you.

Our CEO, John Keene sat down with some franchise friends to discuss best practices for mastering the busy season. This star-studded panel shared tips on how to eliminate operational friction pre and post-busy season!

If you missed it or as the cool kids say are “having FOMO”, we’ve collected a few highlights and if you're not sick of us after that, check out the webinar link at the end!

Webinar Highlights

  • Prioritize training: Invest in consistent training brand-wide, thorough onboarding, utilize LMS, create a roadmap for new hires so they can set goals and prep before the busy season.

  • Get ahead: Beat your competitors to the punch! Start outreach months before the busy season starts ramping up. Start a national campaign for optimal exposure prior to busy season.

  • Perfect your CX: Analyze your customer journey and utilize external feedback. Ask yourself: What is our average response time? How can we speed up sales cycle time?

  • Understand your tech stack: Not only does your staff need to be trained on their responsibilities, but also technology. Be sure to incorporate all tech solutions into training. Get the most out of your investment by creating user-friendly training for them.

  • Leverage Client Feedback: Focus on reputation management and be the obvious choice. Ensure you have recent and relevant reviews to attract leads.

  • Automate.Automate.Automate: Use tools that increase productivity by eliminating human error and workflow hurdles.

  • Communication is key: All departments must work cross-functionally and meet regularly to identify and solve issues. Consider creating an advisory council to evaluate and track new solutions.

  • Embrace the franchise community: Lean on community experts for referrals, advice and new learnings.

But Wait, There’s More!

Wanna hear these tips and tricks straight from the source? Watch the full webinar here if you have any questions, we’re happy to help: