As IFA suppliers to home services franchises for over 10 years, we’ve perfected the recipe for targeting leads without doing any heavy lifting or digging. AKA simplifying and automating marketing efforts by utilizing scheduling and contact information.

We don’t provide an “all-in-one” solution just because we’re tech nerds, we streamline home service brands' entire workflow to save them time and money. Not only can it be overwhelming and confusing at scale to rely on several different platforms for business needs, but it can also be expensive.

Here’s how the platform for managing and operating home services franchises allows your brand to be consistent and intentional when targeting leads without adding extra steps to daily workflow.


ServiceMinder offers a shiny but unoriginally named feature called GeoZones. GeoZones can be used to increase productivity for service agents and also support marketing efforts. As a serviceminder admin, you can customize geo-zones based on zip code, city, or whatever you can draw out on a map – literally whatever your heart desires. (well, maybe not whatever, but you get the gist).

This feature improves productivity by scheduling appointments based on geography so service agents aren’t wasting too much time driving in the vans by crossing major highways driving around landscape elements like rivers, lakes and mountains. ! If the job or project happens to be outside, you can also measure the property and provide additional info to service agents before they even arrive. This capability ultimately improves client experience by prepping service agents and also saves a brand time and money at scale.

But wait, there’s more… you can also send promo emails, direct mail, and local advertisement based on the data provided from using GeoZones-to both prospects and current clients. See a lot of opportunities in a certain GeoZone? Let’s target that area!

With our comprehensive approach, it's our goal to provide multi-purpose features. Utilizing one ServiceMinder solution solves several challenges for home services brand.


Another easy way to target clients for additional services or prospects is what we call Tags.

As we appreciate that every workflow and home service brand is unique, like GeoZones, Tags are also completely customizable. You can create tags for types of service, lead type, client interests or whatever supports your marketing goals.

With these Tags, you can create drip campaigns within ServiceMinder to automatically send an email or text with certain actions or scheduled at specific times to a specific targeted audience. There are many benefits to what we just mentioned, but keyword is ‘automatically’. Once campaigns are created, no need to worry about chasing a lead or client retention. Your comprehensive CRM has gotcha covered. This handy tool also helps to track client journey and campaign success, which again is all in ServiceMinder. Be in the know on marketing spend/ROI, popular service types, and more!

Ready to Save on Marketing Spend?

Not to be repetitive, but imagine streamlining all marketing efforts straight from your CRM? We know the term “all-in-one” is over-used, but in our case, it’s a perfect way to describe our solution.

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