Every business is different. Even businesses that offer the same service can vary dramatically in their offerings. While many services can be accomplished with a single, pay per visit pricing model, some benefit from a subscription type model. These may include seasonal lawn and landscape care as well as pest control type applications.

    <p>Your service may be delivered by a series of periodic visits during the mosquito season. You may come by every two or three weeks to apply pest control products. 
    The customer may pay per visit or they may pay up front for the season. You just need to make sure you come at the right intervals for maximum effectiveness.</p>
    <p>You may also have a package where you offer a certain number of weekly or bi-weekly visits, such as to care for landscapes.  The customer may pay for a fixed
    number of visits (or sign up for a certain number of visits, but pay a single price). Keeping track of how many visits you've done as well as how many remain can
    make the difference between having a happy customer or a customer service nightmare.
    <p>That's why we have subscription based scheduling options in service<strong>minder</strong>.  You can have a customer sign up for service and the system
    will automatically track their remaining visits or automatically schedule their repeat visits until the series or season expires.  It can also automatically
    remind them the next year that they need to sign up for the new season.  All you have to do is check the "Subscription" box when you're setting up your service.</p>
    <p>And because you're using service<strong>minder</strong> to do all your scheduling, your customer gets a notification when the appointment is scheduled, then
    they get another one when the technician is on the way, and finally, a summary of the work performed is emailed to them when it's done. Find out how easy it
    is to organization your subscription-based services with service<strong>minder</strong>. Get a <a href="http://www.serviceminder.com/organizations/trialrequest">trial service<strong>minder</strong> account</a> today!</p>