Kicking off our newest blog series where we will unpack all the different ways ServiceMinder’s capabilities can empower franchisees through automation and innovation. AKA do all the things they either don’t want to do or don’t have the bandwidth to achieve.

We’ve all heard the cliché “consistency is key”. While overused, this saying could be the tagline for franchising, as the success of the franchise model hinges on consistency.

However, as any business owner or franchisor may know, consistency can be difficult to enforce at scale without excessive supervision. To avoid friction and empower franchisees efficiently, provide automated tools that drive revenue by eliminating daily workflow hurdles.

Starting the series off at the top of the funnel, lead acquisition. Here’s a few automated capabilities that will increase lead generation without any heavy lifting.


When it comes to lead acquisition, automation offers a significant advantage to the franchise business model. An essential function to consider automating is contact creation and scheduling.

Automated scheduling eliminates concerns over data accuracy, such as misspelled names or incorrect addresses, and eliminates the risk of missed calls. It also gives the client a confirmed time without having to wait for a callback.

Another automated option for scheduling is enabling one of our many different partners for call handling. This allows you to track where these calls are coming from, record convos for training purposes, and most importantly..never miss a call!

These automated scheduling capabilities are a fast and efficient way to not only store information but, also utilize data. You can store appointment notes, photos, videos, and more in a client’s profile. We also provide targeted marketing features called tags, which can be helpful for certain promotions or specific triggered communications to clients.

The moral of the story, automated scheduling provides brand-wide consistency and drives revenue for your franchise by simplifying franchisee’s daily workflow.

Digital Marketing/Lead Forms

As we know telecommunications isn’t the only method for scheduling appointments, our open API also allows brands to funnel leads from lead capture forms on websites, digital ads, and more.

The beauty of funneling these leads into ServiceMinder is 1) it’s automated and 2) all lead information is captured in one place, which allows owners to not only track leads but also create email campaigns to target cold leads. And with our powerful lead distribution solution, you can ensure the leads are sent to the right location, immediately. We’ll even send then a notification right to their phone with our handy app. They can tap to call or start texting them without leaving the Starbucks.

Franchisors, happy to share it's time to say goodbye to micro-managing franchisees because these marketing capabilities can increase lead generation without franchisees even lifting a finger.


We see a simplified workflow in your future….but only if you incorporate automation, of course.

Regardless of the industry, this automation holds a joint impact, to elevate the client experience while expediting the sales journey. By seamlessly integrating with call centers or funneling leads from online appointment forms, this automation ensures a uniform approach across all franchise locations.

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