Our founder, John Keene, recently appeared on the Disruption Interruption podcast to discuss best practices for successful conversions and how automation can enhance daily workflow.

Disruption Interruption is hosted by our friend Karla Jo, the Chief Evangelist and anti-PR strategist for JOTO PR Disruptors.

The Back Story

Keene started his franchise journey in 2006 as a franchisee for an established home service brand. During his time as a franchisee, he noticed a huge gap in the industry.

Keene identified a major issue, how could a service agent answer the phone if they’re under the sink or on the ladder? Queue light bulb graphic How can a franchise ever operate at scale or grow if leads are slipping away while the business owner or service agent is “on the job”? How can they make their client experience match “the big guys” who have a whole team focused on communicating with the client? The answer is practical automation.

Keene recognized the struggles and strengths of the industry and was determined to create a solution to eliminate hurdles for home service brands. In 2011, Keene and his son Kyle launched ServiceMinder.

ServiceMinder is now the leading platform for managing and operating home service brands, serving almost 50 brands with over 2000 franchise locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Interview Highlights

Without spoiling the whole episode, we wanted to share a few of our favorite parts.

Keene expanded on his original mission to solve home service business owners' biggest challenge, which is losing business due to long response times. AKA no call center present. Not only does a 24/7 call service help speed up the sales process, but it also improves client experience.

“Responsiveness throughout the entire process..is very critical to delivering good customer service,” said Keene.

And as KJ so perfectly stated, “minutes matter”.

Another best practice Keene shared was the importance of automation on one comprehensive platform when operating at scale. The power of automating a customizable workflow throughout an entire franchise brand is crucial for consistency. Having a solution that automates your workflow while tracking brand data will allow your brand to grow by making strategic decisions based on findings.

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