We know life gets busy, which can be challenging when you’re responsible for running a business. Especially if you are far from your office at times, due to being in the field, work conferences, vacations, family obligations, or whatever it might be.

We acknowledge that as business owners you might be wearing many hats. Even though problems may occur outside of work hours, we know, as business owners, there’s no such thing as “time off”.

All business owners have the same fear, which is the fear of losing clients whether their current clients or potential leads. Business owners feel the pressure of always being available to avoid this infamous fear.

But, we know it's unrealistic to have access to your desktop at all times. That's why serviceminder’s app allows you to access brand info anytime, anywhere. With serviceminder, you’re never out of the loop.

Here’s how serviceminder allows business owners to take their business with them, wherever, whenever.

Who is serviceminder

Before we brag about our super cool app, we should probably give you a little background on us for any newbies out there.

serviceminder is the platform for managing and operating home services franchises. From tracking marketing efforts, delivering professional online proposals directly to clients, to lead capture, and much more. serviceminder provides unique tools and integrations designed to make your brand stand out from competitors. If you want to categorize us, sure we’re a CRM, but not just a CRM..home services brands can streamline their entire workflow through serviceminder.

Top Features Available on serviceminder app:

As home service franchise suppliers for over 10 years, we strive to provide capabilities that simplify your workflow, while enhancing your client’s experience. Whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee, or service agent, these features will positively impact your daily productivity.

Approve invoices: Speed your sales process along. Review and approve lingering invoices straight from your phone or tablet in seconds. We aren’t kidding when we say you can perform your entire workflow through serviceminder and better yet, on your mobile device.

Create Invoices/Proposals: Again, no one likes a slow sales process. Especially in this day and age when everyone inspects instant communication. This feature can help increase sales and client satisfaction. Be transparent, and create a proposal right on the spot to kick off your next project ASAP.

Access and update TaskBoards: Want to see what your teams are working on or check in with your sales process? Say hello to our feature called “TaskBoards,” This feature can be used to track leads or internal projects. And of course, like most serviceminder features, you can also automate TaskBoards because as we mentioned early-we know life gets busy. If you can’t tell already, we live to make our clients' lives easier or at least suck less.

Add private notes to appointments and contacts: Want to give your team and co-workers or even yourself a heads-up/reminder about a certain client? Whether the client's house is hard to find or they have a rowdy dog, you can add private notes attached to any appointment or contact. The keyword ‘private’, meaning clients will not be able to see these notes.

Ready to Head to the App Store?

The time has come. If you’re a home services franchisor looking to optimize your team’s time and improve workflow hurdles, book a demo here Feel free to shoot us any questions: support@serviceminder.io We look forward to minding your business.