Our Founder recently chatted with fellow franchise suppliers on the International Franchise Association’s Webinar, sharing tools needed for operating a successful and consistent brand.

The trio discussed equipping your frontline champions and turning the creation of online reviews into an exciting game that sets and achieves goals. Next, they explored ways to use these reviews effectively to dominate search results and boost online visibility.

Last but certainly not least (our time to shine), how to optimize your frontline operations by automating your workflow through a comprehensive CRM, ensuring effectiveness, and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Meet the Speakers

If you’re here, you may know us already but here’s a little background on what we do and our fellow supplier friends.

John Keene, CEO/Founder of ServiceMinder. AKA the award-winning platform for managing and operating service franchises.

Matt Jones, Co-Founder of WebPunch. WebPunch creates cool tools that revolutionize the brand experience industry.

Alex Harbanyof, Director of Digital Enablement at PromoRepublic which is one marketing platform for franchise growth.

Webinar Highlights

In typical ServiceMinder fashion, we saved you time and compiled a few major takeaways, so you don’t have to! Because our goal is to make things simpler after all our motto is “we make it suck less”.

According to Webpunch Co-Founder, 99% of online consumers look at reviews before purchasing. That stat speaks for itself, but I’ll say it louder for people in the back. It is crucial to find a solution that helps respond and generate reviews for your brand.

Harbanyof from PromoRepublic compliments Jones’ statistics and asks, “How easy is it to find you?”. Yes, reviews are crucial, but are consuming making it that far? Harbanyof suggests to consider search rankings, social media engagement, website, product info, and more. It is important to evaluate your marketing strategy and ensure you are getting the right info in front of the right audience.

Now, I’m sure you are asking yourself: “well, how is a Zor to do this all on their lonesome manually?” The answer is “that’s impossible” and that’s when automation comes in. But even further, a CRM with a comprehensive approach that powers your workflow through innovation and automation.

Keene highlights that all the speakers' points are true, but how do we enforce these actions at scale to all franchisees? We rely on a CRM to help provide brand-wide consistency through automation.

Interested in Learning More?

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