Not to brag…but we are thrilled to announce ServiceMinder has won the 2023 Silver Franchising@WORK award. This award is based on an anonymous internal survey provided by fellow IFA suppliers, Franchise Business Review. The 5 categorized awards recognize franchise companies with the highest employee satisfaction.

Earlier this year, the ServiceMinder team and other members of the franchise community answered questions related to job satisfaction, engagement, skills and experience, management, brand leadership, and culture.

“As tech nerds, we love data and reporting when it comes to home service franchising. However, there’s no data more important than employee satisfaction” said ServiceMinder CEO, John Keene.

ServiceMinder participates in this annual survey to identify areas that need improvement, but also celebrate wins as a team. This yearly learning experience provides a comprehensive pulse on our employees while driving change and internal growth.

Franchising@WORK Reports and Survey

Now, here are some stats to show you why we're bragging but not bragging about this win.

Folks who participated in the survey:

6,000 franchise community employees

180 Franchise Organizations

The results:

35 Finalist

15 Winners (5 categories, 3 winners each: 100+ Employees, under 25 Employees, Unit-level, 25 to 99 Employees, Suppliers)

Who is Franchise Business Review?

Not all heroes wear capes, here’s a little background on the brains behind the Franchising@WORK awards.

A market research firm that specializes in benchmarking satisfaction within the franchising sector, conducts surveys of corporate franchise employees, franchise supplier employees, and franchise owners’ employees across North America each year to determine their levels of engagement.

FBR conducts an annual industry-wide Franchising@WORK Employee Engagement Benchmarking Study to provide aggregate data to help franchise companies understand how their culture and engagement compare and improve hiring and retention practices. All corporate franchise employees were invited to take part.

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