As a dedicated platform catering to home services brands, we empathize with franchisees' challenges in overseeing a large fleet of work vans and service agents. That's why we've joined forces with Zubie, a robust Fleet Management tool to guarantee your drivers are on time, every time.

Who is ServiceMinder?

Before we dive into the fantastic nature of our collaboration, we should properly introduce ourselves and our partners.

ServiceMinder is the platform for managing and operating home services brands.

Acquire leads seamlessly with 24/7 scheduling, branded proposals, and targeted email campaigns. Track leads with extensive reporting options and convert prospects by enhancing client experience through innovation. Grow your franchise by making decisions based on data, at the brand or location level.

Automate and simplify your brand’s entire workflow on one award-winning, franchised-focused platform.

Who is Zubie?

Now, meet our friend Zubie!

Zubie is a platform of services that collects and uses vehicle data to achieve any number of tasks, including GPS tracking, vehicle optimization, and driver behavior reporting. Today’s fleet telematics technology has evolved from displaying simple vehicle location information to providing a network of data that provides constantly updated information about both the vehicle and its operator.

Integration benefits

ServiceMinder's all-encompassing platform ensures you're well-equipped for managing contacts, scheduling, proposal delivery, and reporting. When paired with Zubie, your home service brand truly has all the essentials covered.

By integrating ServiceMinder and Zubie, fleet monitoring becomes effortless. When combining both platforms, business owners can facilitate time management and enhance equipment productivity.

Utilizing the ServiceMinder app allows you to track the locations of your team members, provided they are inside their assigned trucks. However, Zubie goes a step further by not only pinpointing the truck locations but also providing a wealth of additional information. When you integrate both sets of data, you gain a significantly more comprehensive perspective.

This synergy simplifies access to vital data for franchisees, concerning service agents and their work vehicles, ultimately optimizing efficiency with a direct impact on customer satisfaction and revenue.

Want to learn more?

For additional info on our partnership, reach out to us: You can also watch our past webinar highlighting our solution with Zube: Watch here