Own a service business? Think you’d be a good franchisor?

serviceminder has been managing and operating home services brands for over 10 years. And over those 10 years, we’ve noticed a lot of confusion and speculation about franchising. Throughout our time as franchise suppliers, we’ve witnessed and experienced the many benefits and advantages of franchising.

As proud IFA suppliers, it’s safe to say franchising isn’t for everyone, but if you’re motivated to grow your business on a national or even international scale, and make a positive financial impact on others-maybe it is for you!

Although there are many reasons why we recommend franchising, we picked our top 3 to share. If you are hesitant to start a franchise here are a few reasons to jump-start your journey:

Ability to Grow

An obvious but important benefit is the ability to grow, but grow rapidly. The brand can grow as soon as the franchisor creates a plan to recruit, train and support franchisees.

As an emerging home services brand, you can potentially grow even faster than other industries. The beauty of the home service space,: there’s no need for a brick-and-mortar location. This advantage allows franchisees to operate their territories and work from anymoreanywhere.

Once settled and with a sufficient nationally presence, you can now explore international expansion with the market knowledge and experience you’ve gained.

If you have a reliable and franchise-focused crm CRM like serviceminder, you’ll have the ability to track performance both at the brand level and by location.

Sense of Community

The franchise community is a great resource for emerging and established franchises. The most well-known resource in this space is The International Franchise Association.

The IFA is a community of franchise thought-leaders, franchise suppliers, and franchisors. IFA provides several conferences per year, online webinars, and much more learning opportunities for all members. Active members of this community have many opportunities to network and learn throughout the calendar year both virtually and in person.

Another extremely important resource is the CRM you chose to help simplify your workflow and grow your franchise. When shopping for a CRM be sure to look for folks who specialize in the franchise space, and it’s an absolute bonus if it’s the home services franchise space (just like serviceminder).

Customer Loyalty

Another considerable advantage of franchising is the ability to grow customer loyalty at a national or international level.

Customer feedback is more important than ever. If you have a reliable and consistent franchise, this advantage can lead to more referrals that can potentially lead to an increase in sales and locations.


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