Your Best Customer May Already be in Your Database

If you have a customer database that is just sitting there, only to be utilized for accounting and records keeping, then you are certainly missing out. In fact, it may be due to the operating system you utilize for your home services business. What if your most valuable customer is one that you performed home services for six or seven years ago but you don't even know it due to lack of customer and lead nurturing? That's where comes in.

Why it Pays to Reach Out to Historic Customers & Prospects

No matter the type of home service your company provides, you can continue to stay in contact with your customer database through a completely automated email campaign. Whether you require custom lists with different emails per action performed by the email recipient or simply need new offers, can automate all of it for you.

Furthermore, you may have your most valuable customer that actually needs more work performed sitting idly in your database, but you haven't reached out to them since you completed their initial project. Wouldn't it benefit you to send an email to a list of historic customers?

This too applies to customers that were sent a proposal but never accepted it. Your cold prospects list can quickly be compiled, as specific as you'd like, and you can then create a drip email campaign that responds to triggers created. Triggers help to automate the email campaign process by "triggering" an action. Upon a new contact being added, you can add a tag to that prospect, have a notification sent to an employee or even have a custom email sent to them immediately or after a certain amount of time or number of days.

Remember, you've paid for each and every contact that's in your contact database. Why not reach out to them and boost your company's cash flow from a custom, automated email campaign? It costs practically nothing and will ensure that you're not ignoring those valuable prospects and existing customers in your database. offers nearly endless opportunities for your company to continuously nurture your prospects, as well as your historic customers. The last thing you want to do as a home services business is neglect both your "cold" prospects and historic customers.

Your Contacts are More Valuable Than You Know

If you're getting in front of existing customers with special offers or promotions, how many would you expect to respond to your email? In most cases, it will be more than you expect. This is especially true when you're clearly delineating what you're offering and making it seamless for the customer or email recipient to directly respond to your email.

Custom Call-To-Actions are a key part of your automated email marketing. Whether you're trying to promote a very specific service, discount offer or simply want to know if your existing customers and/or prospects need more of your services, it's a highly effective, inexpensive manner of generating cash flow from your contact database. Just as importantly, you can measure the results and review the efficacy of both the email, as well as the Call-To-Action.

Make sure you're utilizing smart, automated marketing. will help to ensure that your contact database doesn't remain stagnant and underutilized. Nurture existing customers, generate cash flow from existing contacts and do it all for practically nothing. Contact us today to find out what can do for your home services business.