Web-based appointment software is pretty common. There are literally dozens and dozens of service providers that will help you fill up your day with appointments. And if you run a fixed location business that is a destination for your customers, one of those may do what you want. You can post a link to your web schedule and people can come and schedule their appointments on their own.

Now, what happens if your appointment needs are variable? For example, cutting somebody's hair might only take 30 minutes. But doing a full on color treatment might take a couple of hours. The number of web appointment scheduling tools that let you pick your services (which in turn will determine the length of the appointment) goes down dramatically. But there's still a few out there.

So what if you run a service business where you go to people's homes? How are you going to schedule that? Every home has a different drive time. That is where serviceminder comes in. It is designed to manage your appointment scheduling process, allowing your customers and prospects to select everything from free estimates up to routine service work such as a pest control treatment, or carpet or window cleaning. The core scheduling system lets them select when they want the service done and it automatically plans for appropriate drive times from the previous appointment or the office.

And if that's not enough, it will also send the customer an email, text or voice call when the service technician is on the way, as soon as they mark the preceding appointment as complete. And that customer will get a receipt and a completion note so they will know you're done, even if they aren't there.

So that's service appointment scheduling done right. Give it a try! Visit www.serviceminder.net today!