Today, everything is about convenience. Clients and prospects expect instant interactions whether it's to schedule a service, ask a question, or even receive a proposal/quote. But how can franchisees keep up with these expectations if their daily workflow is completely manual?

Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend, automation. Trusting in automation can help improve client experience and internal productivity.

Who is serviceminder

serviceminder is the platform for managing and operating home services brands.

Acquire leads seamlessly with 24/7 scheduling, branded proposals, and targeted email campaigns. Track leads with extensive reporting options and convert prospects by enhancing client experience through innovation. Grow your franchise by making decisions based on data, at the brand or location level.

Automate and simplify your brand’s entire workflow on one award-winning, franchised-focused platform.

Daily Workflow Automation

“I regret relying on technology to simplify and automate my workflow,” said no franchisor ever. Whether you're an emerging franchise or have 200+ locations, it’s time to find a reliable CRM or platform that supports your entire workflow.

Depending on workflow and franchisee needs, If you're a franchisor, it's time to take the stress off yourself and empower your franchisees with a reliable platform.

With serviceminder, you can automate scheduling, recurring billing, internal taskboards, and more. All of these capabilities speed up the sales process and support project management by eliminating manual tasks. By avoiding manual tasks, not only are you saving time but that also leaves less room for common human errors. And even better, you can now automate the things that your franchisees don’t do consistently – like following up with prospects or open proposals or even something as simple as getting paid.

As tedious and time-consuming as it can be to do supplier research and demos, it will save you so much time in the end. Or to save time researching, you can just book a demo with us here

Customize Client Journey

It’s hard for any business to be consistent with the lead journey, but when it comes to franchises it gets even more difficult because it's close to impossible to track leads manually at scale. As a franchise-focused platform, serviceminder provides the perfect tools for nurturing leads without lifting a finger.

As part of our comprehensive approach, lead generation, and client retention is no exception-we’re not lying when we describe ourselves as “all-in-one”.

When it comes to email marketing, you can target certain contacts by using tags. This helps avoid something that we all dread, email bombing. With tags, you can create content specific to certain clients or lead categories.

Another capability crucial to the sales process is Drips. Drips is our configurable feature that helps automate communication whether it's email or texting, proposal/invoices, and other capabilities to enhance client experience and nurture leads into customers.

Again, let's not forget, you can access all this info by location or brand level using serviceminder. This allows consistency with certain promotions and campaigns across the entire brand.

Budgeting and Reporting

Now let’s talk about two crucial elements to running a successful home service franchise, budgeting and reporting. serviceminder provides extensive reporting features that can be…you guessed it….AUTOMATED.

Starting with the pillar of franchising: royalties. We understand the importance of royalties in the franchise business of course, we created a feature to take the headaches out of this process.

This helpful and automated tool is called Royalty Reporting. This feature eliminates stress and hurdles for both the franchisors and franchisees. We can even automate the report submission process, so reports are on time, every time.

Say goodbye to dreading budgeting because our reporting feature, Revenue by Lead Source gives you all the information you need. Knowing which source is getting the most traction and identifying poor-performing campaigns allow is helpful when planning brand-wide marketing strategy.

This capability simplifies budgeting to see where to cut back on an unsuccessful campaign or put more money into a successful campaign. Allowing monthly reminders to analyze current spending, so there are no surprises at the end of the year or quarter.

Ready to Let Us Automate?

As home service franchise suppliers for over 10 years, we understand every brand’s workflow is different. Therefore, their client’s journeys are also very different. That’s why it's important to note that all automation features are configurable and optional. Our platform is inclusive to all home services verticals from remodeling brands to pest control. Time to configure your perfect solution with serviceminder.

Want to see how our capabilities can take the stress off you and empower your franchisees? For any questions feel free to shoot us an email: or schedule a demo here