Building an app for the guys in the field is not rocket science. We've had years of real world usage from our original mobile web app. So we started with that, making sure we mirrored the flow got us this far and then added functionality where it made sense. The en route notifications are now more accurate (thanks to realtime device location tracking) and we even let you geofence the appointment locations so they get a warning when they are too far away or at the wrong house.

Making it Work for the Owner

As an owner, you want completely different stuff than the guys in the field need. So we added key features from our web app such as At-a-Glance that lets you access recently added contacts or recently booked appointments. All of the key Snapshots are included as well, such as Open Proposals or Open Invoices. And then we added Pulse, our KPI dashboard so you know exactly where your sales are for month-to-date and year-to-date along with comparisons to the same periods for the previous year.

Making it Work for Sales

For tracking sales, the Open Proposal snapshot gives you access to all your currently active proposals. You view them by age, value or geography. Tapping in lets you view the history and even tap to place a call to follow up with the prospect.

One App - For Everyone

Access to the different areas of the app is controlled by permissions. The guys in the field can only see what you want them to see. And you can see everything, from the high level data provided by Pulse all the day down to what's going on with tasks and appointments for next Thursday.

Download our app from your favorite app store. It's free and who doesn't like free?