’s founder, John Keene, recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan Hicks of Modrn Business, a top podcast for franchise entrepreneurs and the franchise industry as a whole.

This was an incredible opportunity for John to catch up with Ryan, who he first met at an IFA conference in 2015, and share more about how came to be. They spent their time chatting about’s origin story, its impressive growth over the years, and exciting happenings in the future for both the franchise industry and as a whole. You can listen to the full episode here.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview, we encourage you to do so! Here are some key takeaways from the interview.

Always Build Features That Provide Value

At, we don’t create one-off solutions that only work for certain processes. Rather, we aim to create solutions that solve underlying problems for brands, allowing other brands to use our carefully thought-out, out-of-the-box solutions.

“When we onboard a brand, we always go in saying okay, this brand is going to do things that we don’t do. Let’s figure out what that is and then try to do it in a way that would be useful to our customers,” Keene said. “That’s one of the things that we’ve done well over the years, which is not so much to go out and build a feature but build a solution to a process problem and do it in a way that more brands can use,” Keene said.

Data Is King

In addition to always aiming to build features for our customers that truly bring them value, understands the power and importance of data. For example, when a lead comes down the pipeline, we ensure that they are distributed to the right location based on zip code. This allows our franchise locations to dispatch a worker to a call center for an immediate call. We’re also tracking where the lead comes from and channeling it into the right campaign while being mindful of metrics such as what percentage of leads are closing.

Why is data so important? It helps our franchise owners determine what tactics are working and which need more attention. We also use data to ensure budgets stay on track for our owners and the ever-important facet of running a successful business.

“We try to give data that’s working that also creates a structure where the franchisor can work with the franchisee to say ‘I’d love to help you but hey, can you key in on some of your cost data so we can get a picture of what you’re spending per lead and how we can help you grow the business from there,” Keene said. also makes it a point to “[look] at things like close rates and conversion rates by different channels and campaigns. That’s powerful.”

Reduce Friction in Your Business’ Ecosystem

A third and final key takeaway from this podcast is the idea that always aims to reduce friction for businesses. Consider all of the separate systems that your company uses to operate successfully — a CRM, a website, a phone system, campaign tracking, and reporting, just to name a few. All of these touchpoints have the potential to create friction if they don’t work harmoniously together and could result in frustrating reconciliations across tools and platforms.

As we all know, franchisees already have so much on their plate at any given moment. The idea of spending valuable time overseeing all of these different facets can be incredibly overwhelming. This is where comes into play, allowing for more automation of processes.

We’re Constantly Looking for Ways to Improve!’s offerings only continue to improve with time. We’re excited about another year ahead with all of our incredible customers! Make sure to listen to the full interview between our founder John Keene and Modrn Business’ Ryan Hicks. You can also book a demo with us directly to learn more about our services.