We're excited to announce our next major release, version 4, available now. With more integration capabilities, marketing automation and reporting than ever before. We've been busy for the last year building and releasing lots of incremental and major improvements and now it's time to bump the number.

What's New

Over the last year, we've released several add-ons to enhance the capabilities of our core serviceminder.io platform. Our easy-to-use Email Campaigns feature, making it easier than ever to target your contacts based on everything from where they live to tags or when they last had service. You can even target based on their appointment activity, proposals or even invoices. Our Pages add-on makes it even easier to host before and after pictures of your projects and publish blog content so you can get found easier. And our Drips add-on brings sophisticated marketing automation features that will improve both your prospect conversion rates and help generate more recurring revenue automatically.

With the release of version 4, we now bring in more support for additional credit card payment gateways, including Stripe, built in installment payment capabilities to make it easier to close those big ticket jobs with automatic payments, a new theme-based email builder and greatly improved campaign reporting and conversion tracking.

A Solid Foundation

It's about the platform. Because you're building a business - you should build it on a solid foundation. serviceminder.io is a platform that has the capabilities to organize and optimize your business. And when your business is franchised, not only can your zees get what they need to run their business, you will have the tools you need to manage and grow the entire system.

More than ever, serviceminder.io 4 is ready for your business.