Like any franchise, there can be hurdles within your workflow. Whether hurdles are small or large, it's safe to say it’s costing you time or money.

As home service suppliers for 12 years, we’ve perfected our solution to eliminate hurdles and common challenges for remodeling brands through innovation and automation.

Who is serviceminder

serviceminder is the platform for managing and operating home services franchises. From tracking marketing efforts, delivering professional online proposals directly to clients, to lead capture, and much more. serviceminder provides unique tools and integrations designed to make your brand stand out from competitors. If you want to categorize us, sure we’re a CRM, but not just a CRM..home services brands can streamline their entire workflow through serviceminder. “They're nimble, they’re highly configurable, and they're built for the franchisee in a service-based industry.” -Faisal Khan, Home Franchise Concepts CIO Here’s how serviceminder can enhance your remodeling or project-based franchise:

Speed up Sales Process

As overused as this term is, serviceminder truly is an “all in one” solution. Your entire workflow can be successfully executed in serviceminder, including your sales process. On our platform, you can create and send proposals/invoices with ease.

Create branded proposal templates to stay consistent throughout your entire franchise. This feature creates transparency between your sales team and clients while speeding up the sales process as these proposals can be created and sent straight from the sales team’s phone or tablet.

Not only is this solution convenient for your client but everyone on your side as well. From your sales team to franchisee to the franchisors. Let’s be real these days, everything is about convenience.

Oh, and don’t worry, at the franchisor level, you’re also able to access proposals from anywhere. Our solution may speed up the sales process, but we know how crucial it is for franchisors to always be in the know. To see more about serviceminder app capabilities click here

Offer Financing Options to Clients

Speaking of proposals, due to our open API and comprehensive approach we have 20+ integration partners to enhance your serviceminder experience.

One of the intuitive integrations we offer is financing for your clients. We work with a few different platforms that allow financing options to appear automatically in proposals. This capability is specifically beneficial to remodeling brands due to the pricing of large projects.

Especially in today’s economy, it’s important to have the ability to automatically provide financing options. This feature can also enhance and speed up your sales process.

Build Your Portfolio

As a remodeling brand, we know photos and videos of projects are crucial to your sales process. With serviceminder, you can take before and after photos that can be saved directly in client's contact or appointment.

No more searching through an unorganized online folder, just pull up the client and your work of art is at your fingertips. Try asking ChatGPT for that!

Of course, this makes content creation easier as well. Having access to all your past projects on a franchise level allows you to show off your work through an official portfolio, social media, digital ads, and more.

Ready for the Upgrade Your Brand Deserves?

If interested in learning more about how serviceminder can benefit your remodeling franchise schedule some time to chat with us here