Home service franchises are always looking for intelligent solutions to increase productivity and reduce manual processes. As a result, our partnership with QuickBooks couldn’t be a more natural fit. This partnership will substantially help customers reduce their workloads while allowing serviceminder.io to gain valuable insight on growing our franchise clients.

Our franchise management tool will be fully integrated with QuickBooks to save time and money for franchisees. Key data points will flow seamlessly between platforms, providing a host of benefits to assist franchisees with their daily operations:

  • Employees can create invoices and take payments directly on the job. All information will automatically show up in QuickBooks.
  • Whenever a refund is issued on our platform, QuickBooks will automatically reflect this change.
  • Directly customize one-click reporting by deciding how much information you want to put into QuickBooks. For example, you can choose the total only or show an itemized copy of the invoice.
  • Establish smooth accounting class configuration and track profits and losses reported by territory.

As QuickBooks Online is the clear leader for home service franchises, we couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership. The goal is to continue to provide our users with a best-in-class experience to keep their business running as smoothly as possible.

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