As franchise suppliers for over a decade, we constantly aim to develop a solution that is extensive and easy to use. AKA, it does “all the things”.This supports the most crucial aspect of the franchise model: consistency. Consistency across your brand improves the client experience, distinguishes your brand from competitors, and potentially can lead to growth.

Now, since we can’t help ourselves, the brains behind ServiceMinder crafted a few new features to add to our roster to enhance client experience and client/employee retention.

Report Subscriptions

ServiceMinder provides automated reports covering revenue by lead source, appointment summaries, invoice overviews, and more. For data enthusiasts like us, this can be thrilling yet daunting. We've experienced the overwhelm of data saturation firsthand. But imagine having the precise data you desire delivered straight to your inbox at your preferred time. Introducing our automated report delivery feature, Report Subscriptions.

With Report Subscriptions, you can hand-pick specific reports to be sent directly to your email at the cadence of your choice. Running a brand you may have little time on your hands, whether your on the road or putting out fires in the office, staying in the know can be challenging. Receiving your chosen data points and your customized frequency allows you to efficiently keep a pulse on your brand without having to weed through all the data ServiceMinder provides.

Feedback & Issue Management

Next up, we have the ultimate success meter, Feedback, and Issue Management. This automated feature allows you to keep an eye on client feedback, effortlessly. Track and utilize client feedback to enhance client experience and monitor agents’ performance.

Feedback allows you to prompt clients for feedback on their experience with appointments. This 1-5 ranking ties to the agent or team in ServiceMinder, and allows you real-time visibility into customer satisfaction.

Motivate your team by...

  • Recognizing agents who receive positive feedback to boost productivity and enhance employee satisfaction.

  • Utilize client feedback to train agents who may not obtain positive feedback scores.

Avoid customer experience gaps and unhappy clients by...

  • Identifying problems early and addressing them swiftly.

  • Fail fast.Recognize and resolve to prevent client turnover.

If they're happy, you can use a Drip to prompt them to leave a review on any of the many platforms we support. If they're not happy, this feedback is automatically turned into an "Issue," with a grid to manage and resolve problems, tracking them until resolution. You can also create issues manually against proposals, invoices, and more.

But wait, there’s way more!

Now that you’ve got a taste of what we can do, want to hear about the rest of our pretty cool features? For questions, reach out to, or if you want to chat with a ServiceMinder enthusiast, book a free 1:1 demo here