Got Drips?

Sure,'s got a great marketing automation tool called Drips. And built-in is always nice because there's less of a chance data is going to get out of sync. If you're already using Infusionsoft and have campaigns and content already up and running, then adding to handle your proposal writing, scheduling and service dispatch is a great combination.

Post Data from Infusionsoft to

We integrate a couple of different ways with Infusionsoft. The first way is you can push data from Infusionsoft to using HTTP Form Posts. This is commonly used if you are capturing contact info on a form but then want that data to also show up in Just set up an action on a campaign in Infusionsoft and you can post the data over.

Sending Data to Infusionsoft

The more interesting integration is how we can push data to Infusionsoft. We hook into 3 main events:

  • Appointment Scheduled

  • Appointment Completed

  • Invoice Created

For the two appointment events, we push the appointment's contact over to Infusionsoft and then execute an API Achieve Goal call. You can set up your campaigns in Infusionsoft to trigger on these campaign events. The name of the goal will be the name of the service plus the word "Booked" or "Completed" -- so you can hook in and start campaigns as soon as appointments are booked or as soon as they are completed. Since the name of the service being performed is included in the call, you can have different campaigns started for different appointment types, like Estimate versus Service Call.

When appointments are completed and an invoice is generated, you can enable pushing of invoices also. These will include all of the detail lines on the invoice. If you add parts in, they will get added when the invoice that uses them is pushed over.


The vast majority of our customers who also use Infusionsoft use it for follow up marketing. For example, setting up campaigns to follow up with customers after certain services are performed. You can do the same thing with Drips but if you've already got them set up in Infusionsoft, you can let eliminate some of the double data entry you've been having to do if you use a tool that doesn't work with Infusionsoft.

So what are you waiting for? Start automating your service and your marketing!