Although it may be hard for some of you to let go of hard copies because it’s what you and your clients may be comfortable with, what if we told you that going digital can save your brand time, and money and, as an added bonus, save a few trees along the way.

serviceminder is the platform for operating and managing home service brands. Our franchised-focused, award-winning CRM simplifies your workflow through innovation and automation…AKA, advanced technology.

If your brand is still not fully digital and it seems too out of reach to make the leap, serviceminder’s comprehensive approach makes this change painless.

Here’s how our platform can elevate your client’s experience while saving you time and money..

Eliminate the Mess

How are your brand’s file cabinets looking these days? Or better yet, your vehicles' dashboards?

With serviceminder, you can create and send proposals, estimates, and invoices, all digitally. This means you can communicate with your clients from anywhere, at any time, allowing transparency and constant communication, delivering the client experience that they expect..

And then, you don’t have to worry about important documents getting lost in the work vans or your file cabinets, it’s all in your serviceminder account.

However, we understand there’s a need for a hard copy. Our goal is to completely eliminate the mess, but we’re also realists!

If your client prefers a paper invoice, don’t worry - the option is always there and easily accessible to print, but imagine how much more organized and quicker this process is when it's all stored on your categorized serviceminder account. When it comes to billing and pretty much all everyday workflows - automation is your best friend!

Save Time & Money

Therefore this process saves you time and money! You and your team will spend less time printing, manually filing and mailing, or delivering invoices and more time assisting other clients.

In this financial climate, it's important for franchise owners to cut costs without impacting revenue. Now more than ever it's time to increase productivity!

Another time saver from serviceminder is geo-tagging, when booking appointments, our google maps integration finds the address as you start typing, leaving no room for error and asking the client to repeat themselves. This feature also allows you to see a property before your service agents get there, giving them a better idea of the property, and allowing them to get ahead before the time of service. It’s safe to say using serviceminder is like living in the future, this platform gives you the tools to get ahead of your pain points or better yet, your success.

Instead of wasting your time doing tedious tasks, spend your day growing your business and supporting more clients, leading to more franchise locations.


Fortunately, as a society, we’ve overcome many of the negative impacts of covid. However, the world may never be the same. The need to limit human contact might last longer than we think, or even permanently. It’s important to accommodate all clients depending on their comfort.

Luckily, in 2023 we have the technology that allows constant communication, without ever seeing an individual in the flesh.

Allowing a client to digitally sign a proposal may make them a bit more comfortable than directly touching your pen and paper. serviceminder communication abilities also a variety of ways for clients to coordinate with a service agent. Which improves client experience because it shows flexibility.

serviceminder also offers texting, which can speed up the sales process and deliver a responsive client experience. With this feature, service agents can let clients know when they're on their way, this can allow the client to communicate with the service agent without speaking to them face to face.

Be Eco-conscious, but Be On-Brand

It’s important to note, that all the features mentioned above are completely customizable and optional. At serviceminder, we’d never want to change your brand in any way. We want to enhance your brand’s workflow without changing your brand’s identity.

Therefore, you can go as digital as you want, depending on your client's demands and needs. No matter which way you customize your workflow within serviceminder, we treat your brand as if it’s ours.

Want to learn more about our customizable and configurable features? Book a free 1:1 demo here