You want to do targeted email campaigns. So you go into your CRM, filter the list you want, download it, then switch over to your email tool, upload the list, write and test your message and hit send. Repeat.

Given that many steps, how often will you do that? How many different target segments do you have? Prospects? Customers? Recent customers? Customers who had this done last year but need it again this year?

It's like a giant field of knobs that need constant attention. It's easy to understand why you'd just give up.

A Better Way

So that's why we integrated email campaigns into serviceminder. We understand that if something takes too many steps, you're not going to do it, even if it means you might make more money by doing it. With all the talk about social media, email is still a very effective tool for reaching out to customers and prospects and getting them to convert and buy.

Plugged in Where You Want It

If you add the Email Campaigns feature to your serviceminder account, you'll find magical Launch Campaign buttons everywhere it makes sense. The cool part about our email campaigns is that they can be linked to different types of data. You can launch campaigns and merge in data for:

  • Contacts (customers, prospects or any other category you can dream up)
  • Appointments (past or future)
  • Proposals (sold, open, only certain services, etc.)

And with our handy grid layouts feature, you can set up common grid layouts that filter the groups you want. Once you get the grid showing your target audience, don't hit Download -- hit Launch Campaign.

Launching a Campaign

You can re-use an existing template or create a new one. You can even import email templates designed for popular platforms such as MailChimp simply by loading in a zip file with the template and related pictures. You'll confirm your audience, the subject line and can launch test messages till you get it just right. When you're ready, click the Launch Now button or put in a future date so the campaign launches automatically.


The integrated reporting shows you how many sends and bounces as well as the number of opens and clicks you got. Most campaigns are pretty short lived, but we'll show you a 24 hour window of activity (broken down by hour) and a 7 day window for a more complete view. Link tracking and open stats will continue to accumulate past these windows.

We made it easy so you can get more results with less work. So... do it!