What is Your Brand's Operating System?

When someone buys a franchise, a significant part of what they are buying is your franchise's process. This covers everything from how to get leads, how to sell to them, what you sell and how you track the results. They are essentially buying an "operating system" for a business. Your operating system can be as simple as an operations manual that describes how to do all of these things or a mix of process and technology. The more you implement and automate with technology, the easier it will be to implement as well as monitor and track the results of the franchisee.

Does your brand or franchise use technology to automate your process? Is it truly assisting your business from top to bottom? Does your operating system cover all your business needs? If you're looking for an operating system that is all-encompassing, then serviceminder.io is that operating system.

From capturing leads to scheduling, maintaining the status of your contacts, as prospects or customers in your database, to creating efficient routing for your home services franchise, serviceminder.io does it all. It allows for a seamless process for multiple users in their respective serviceminder.io account. This, too, holds true when buying a new or existing location or selling a location. With everything in one place, selling a territory is as easy as tranferring control of the serviceminder.io account to the new owner.

Whether you need to create and send proposals, accept online payments, confirm accepted proposals, track different advertising campaigns for efficacy or prepare your budget, serviceminder.io can handle it for you. Your brand's operating system should be capable of wearing multiple hats and performing all your companies' needs.

Would you like to know all your different locations' average cost per lead? How about the revenue per customer? Knowing these at the brand level will allow for the establishment of benchmarks when moving forward. It will allow you to identify locations that aren't operating as efficiently as others so you can, in near real-time, work to remedy those locations that are underperforming. Seeing statistics from the brand level allows for a much better, bird's eye view of your overall brand. Essentially, you'll be fully capable of determining what's working and what's not with concrete data to back up your decision making for marketing efforts going forward.

The turnkey nature of serviceminder.io is what allows for business continuity. You won't have to worry about the customer database's status. The contacts in the database will be correctly delineated and you'll retain all information. This includes any specific notes, their last service date, their lifetime value to the company, along with all of their contact information.

As a franchisor or franchisee, ensuring business continuity, especially when a new franchisee takes over an existing franchise, it's best to ensure that whoever takes over can "hit the ground running" with all the location's data in place and the location still operating.

Is Yours Effective?

If your franchisees are using more than two or three tools to run their business, or they don't have any tools at all, your operating system is probably not effective. No tools means they are doing everything manually which can be both time consuming and prone to error. Using too many tools could introduce problems of having to re-key data in multiple times or expensive development costs to force them to talk to each other.

If serviceminder.io is the core of your operating system, the only other tool your franchisees will need is QuickBooks Online. And if there are some other tools you want to add to the mix (like review generation and reputation measurement), we offer a long list of integrations that enable those to work right out of the box.

Automate All the Things

With the turnkey options provided by serviceminder.io, you'll have peace of mind in knowing your contact database is up-to-date and correct. Ensuring your brand's operating system is one that is effective, efficient and intuitive are all paramount in the effectiveness of your lead nurturing, as well as tracking and growing your locations.

If your brand is in need of an operating system that simply makes life easier for both the franchisor and franchisees, then serviceminder.io is your best option. To inquire about our suite of services, please contact us anytime.