Happy New Year readers! Before we kick off the new year, we wanted to share a few memorable moments from 2022. We also wanted to give a huge shout-out to the franchise community and all of our awesome clients.

We can’t celebrate our success without recognizing all of you-so thanks folks, it’s been pretty cool.

Although our year was filled with a boatload of great experiences and as excited as we are for 2023, we’ve handpicked a few highlights from 2022 that we’d like to acknowledge with all of you.

Who is serviceminder

Before we gloat about our whirlwind of a year, we should probably give you a little background on us for any newbies out there.

serviceminder is the platform for managing and operating home services franchises. From tracking marketing efforts, delivering professional online proposals directly to clients, to lead capture, and much more. serviceminder provides unique tools and integrations designed to make your brand stand out from competitors. If you want to categorize us, sure we’re a CRM, but not just a CRM..home services brands can streamline their entire workflow through serviceminder.

serviceminder 10th Anniversary

First things first, we kicked off 2022 by celebrating our 10th birthday. In the past decade, we’ve gone from just two guys and a computer to a team of 13 employees, supporting over 40 home services franchises.

Safe to say It’s been a very eventful 10 years! With an ever-growing list of features and new integrations to help streamline all of the customer's unique workflows, we’ve learned from our customer’s experiences and our partner’s solutions. This has allowed our platform to truly be a one-stop-shop for success and we’re extremely proud of that. Our goal is to take the load off franchisors by empowering franchisees.

As we have grown, we quickly discovered our branding did not fully embody our personality or capabilities, so we thought it was time for a little makeover.

Yes, you heard us right, we gave ourselves a 10-year birthday present, which was rebranding. With all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained in the past 10 years, we thought it was about time to spruce up our look a bit. But don’t worry - we may have a shiny new logo, but it’s still the same old us.

To learn more about serviceminder’s journey click here.

The Shout-outs

We’re still pinching ourselves over the opportunities and mentions we received in 2022. We like to say our job is just to make things suck less but apparently, our platform does a little more for some folks.

We spoke to the best of the best in the franchise community. Our founder John Keene, appeared on Social Geek Radio and Vetted Biz Podcast.

He also spoke at the Franchise Genesis summit to discuss the importance of technology in franchising-to educate and encourage emerging franchisors.

serviceminder also made Entrepreneur Media’s Top Supplier list for the 3rd year in a row.

The Events

In 2022, we also attended several in-person and virtual franchise-focused events throughout the year that were full of industry insight, networking opportunities, and more. We are forever grateful for the strong sense of community that franchising provides.

As proud suppliers of the IFA, we were very excited to have our very first booth at the Annual IFA convention. It was great to see many familiar faces and meet some great new ones. We can’t wait to go back in February 2023! If you like free stuff, contests, and dad jokes… come stop by our booth 1027 to say hi.

Say hello to 2023

Once again, thank you all for another wonderful trip around the sun. We’ve learned from each and every one of you and the great experiences we shared.

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