Want to give your customers a personalized gift, but haven’t had the time? We have the perfect solution for you.

We’ve partnered up with a platform that takes customer experience to a whole new level. Meet SendJim, a software that provides tools to support customer retention by maximizing the value of existing clients and leads.

What it Does

As a serviceminder user, you can access this integration to automate mailings based on events, contact tags, or categories. Want to send handwritten thank you cards to your ‘Spring Clean-up’ clients only? You can do that with ease, using this automated integration.

According to SendJim, 80% of customers can’t name your business 1 week after service. Don’t let them forget about your brand, and send them a handwritten card that will have a 1000% better response rate than direct mail.

How it Works

Once you’ve connected SendJim to your serviceminder account, using the integration tab you can start to spoil your customers with gifts of your choice, handwritten notes, and more.

serviceminder allows you to automate this feature by using drip campaigns. With our customizable features, you can create drip campaigns that can automatically send your clients a gift or letter. Therefore, you can make your customers happy without lifting a finger.

And it doesn’t stop there! Not only does this integration support customer experience, but it also provides tools for lead generation. Would you like to introduce your brand to a certain neighborhood? Use our geotagging feature to send handwritten notes to your client’s neighbors.

Our Partner Webinar

To learn more about all the opportunities this integration can provide for your brand, check out our quick webinar. A few months ago we sat down with our friends at SendJim to share the inside scoop on our integration.

This 30 min video gives you the inside scoop on how you can take your customer experience to the next level.

Use automated drip marketing sequences to send gifts, handwritten cards, postcards, and voicemails, all triggered automatically with serviceminder’s integration partner, SendJim.

Pro tip: National Chocolate Day is just around the corner, we bet your customer wouldn’t mind celebrating.

If you're interested in learning more about how serviceminder can elevate your customers’ experiences, click ‘Book a Demo’ in the top right corner of your screen. We can’t wait to help you grow your home services brand!