As franchise suppliers for over 10 years, it’s safe to say we’ve worked with a large number of franchisors. All those franchisors have one common goal to increase revenue and expand franchise development.

However, everyone knows this can’t happen without a solid group of determined franchisees. The million-dollar question is how do we keep franchisees on track without friction and micromanaging?

Here at serviceminder, we like to say we take the load off franchisors by empowering franchisees through the power of automation and innovation. Our award-winning platform manages and operates home service brands.

If you want to categorize us, sure we’re a CRM, but not just a CRM..home services brands can streamline their entire workflow and sales process through serviceminder. We strive to provide the perfect tools to eliminate daily hurdles and here’s how…

All-In-One Experience

One of the biggest perks of using serviceminder is that you can streamline your entire workflow on one platform.

This is where the power of automation comes into play, from appointment scheduling, lead generation, proposal creation/delivery, vehicle tracking, and more. This can all be tracked and completed without lifting a finger.

If there’s a capability a client would like to add, our open API allows them to easily integrate into our platform to support our “all in one” comprehensive approach. We know the word ‘comprehensive’ can be scary and overwhelming, but don’t worry, we offer extensive training for all new brands.

This makes it easier for your franchisees, this keeps all your franchisees on the same page and only has to take the time to learn one platform. They’ll spend less time in tech training and more time making money!

Ultimately, our goal is to provide unique tools and integrations designed to make your brand stand out from competitors..while simplifying brand’s workflow for both franchisors and franchisees.


As tech nerds, we love data. We know data is crucial for making educated decisions and strategizing.

Reporting is a big part of any business, but especially in franchising. serviceminder offers several different tools like revenue by lead source, built-in royalty reporting…. and the list goes on.

These reports help track franchisees’ performance which benefits them and the franchisors. It also supports budgeting for marketing efforts and franchise development. These reports make it easy for franchisees to automatically submit weekly or monthly - whatever your system requires or you prefer. Did I mention our platform is highly configurable? This capability creates accountability or possibly recognition.

Anyways, providing tools that not only make reporting possible but make it convenient for everyone.

Payment Processing

Remember when we said we have an open API to support our comprehensive approach? And you can complete the entire workflow on serviceminder?

It's safe to say payment processing is the most important part of the sales process. You can create and send proposals/invoices on serviceminder, have clients agree, pay, and complete the transaction…say it with me now…still on serviceminder!

By the way, for those of you who have a subscription base or recurring project-type brands, you can do recurring billing and save a customer’s card on file.

We currently integrate with 10+ payment processing companies and counting. These features allow franchisees to have total autonomy over their location’s sales process.


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