Making appointment schedules would be easy if it wasn't for customers. While serviceminder can certainly help out here with automated scheduling, not every business is ready for that nor does that fit every style of business. Sometimes it just makes sense to wait till you see what a day looks like before you start committing times.

    <p>But once you've made the schedule, how much time do you spend trying to notify the customers of when you're planning on being there?  If you have lots of shorter appointments,
    that can take a while.  And what do you do on the day of... when things start to run behind schedule? From the customer's perspective, they want to
    know when you're going to be there, as close as practical. And if something changes during the day, they want <strong>you</strong> to let them know that. But the drudgery 
    of making all those calls is a complete buzz-kill.</p>
    <p>We built a really handy notification system into service<strong>minder</strong>. When you commit a tentative appointment, we'll send the customer an email or,
    if they don't have an email address, we can shoot them a voice call or a text message with their appointment time. Then, as your guys work through their
    appointments for the day, the next customer up gets a notification (again, email, voice or text -- they can pick), that the service agent is on his way 
    and what his current estimated arrival time is.</p>
    <p>Calling a long list of appointments just to let them know when you'll be there may not seem very valuable.  But the customer will appreciate it
    and if you can automate it, it is very inexpensive to implement.  Don't fall into the same category as the cable company. Get a <a href="">trial service<strong>minder</strong> account</a> today!</p>