Why Manage Two Calendars?

serviceminder.io integrates perfectly with Perceptionist. That means rather than logging in to Perceptionist to update your availability every time you book an appointment, Perceptionist will check your real-time availability on serviceminder.io. And even better, if you use Google Calendar, you can sync that both ways with serviceminder.io -- updating your availability can be as simple as adding an event to your Google Calendar.

What's Included?

Our Standard plan includes all the tools you need to run your home services business:

Already a Perceptionist user?

No problem. You can get full-blown serviceminder.io at any time. Keep the same great Perceptionist service but take full advantage of the power of the entire serviceminder.io platform. Learn more on our Features page.


Your contact and prospect list is one of your biggest assets. Keeping your contact data accurate and complete can always be a challenge. serviceminder helps by recording all of your contact activities like appointments, invoices, proposals and notes and keeping them organized with your contacts. From any device, you can look up a customer and see all the activity since they were added to the system.

We also make it easy to analyze your data. You can find contacts based on service dates, upcoming services that need to be renewed, flexible tagging features. And all your filtering and sorting is easily exportable to Excel or any other tool that accepts CSV files.


Keeping your data current and accurate is easy. Finding trends and activities in your data is simplified with advanced filtering and sorting options.


You're on the road. Sales call. Customer service. Meeting with vendors and distributors. Bring your whole business with you using our power app on iOS and Android. As soon as you log in, you get a snapshot view of what's going on -- open invoices, open proposals, your customers. Pull over. Then follow up on any open proposals with the luxury of the full details right in front of you on your phone.

Go completely paperless by utilizing the phones your crew probably already has. They can log in to the serviceminder.io app and work through their day's appointments and you know what's done at a glance. The calendar automatically updates colors based on complete, over due and in progress appointments. They can even take payments when closing out a job.


Your company is always up to date and at your fingertips, whether you're using a phone, tablet or laptop at your local Starbucks.


The serviceminder.io app lets you and your crew work completely paperless. No more work orders to fill out and key into multiple systems. Keep everything in the cloud and share the information with the entire team in real time.

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