• Manage the Lifecycle

    serviceminder.io makes it simple to manage your customer for the entire lifecycle. From online lead and appointment capture, best-in-breed appointment and follow-up communications, marketing automation for repeat business, cross-selling and revenue growth to scheduling, reporting and data analytics, serviceminder.io has you covered.

  • Online Scheduling

    Add a simple link to your website to convert your ubiquitous web-voicemail "Contact Us" page into a live scheduling page. Customers and prospects can schedule appointments in real time. You can even require a valid credit card before accepting the appointment. You control what's available, as well as all of the descriptions and pricing and even lead time. Appointments are scheduled based on your team's availability, drive times and skills.

  • Estimates & Proposals

    Schedule appointments easily from inbound calls then go by and give them a proposal. Our advanced proposal feature will let you build a customized proposal just for them and deliver it by email or print. serviceminder.io tracks all of your open proposals so you can easily follow up with any prospects and answer their questions and close the deal! Give the customer options and include pictures of reference work or their property to put everything in context.

  • Proposal E-signatures

    When your prospect gets the proposal, they can review it and when they are ready, they just click the Accept link, and electronically sign the proposal. As soon as they do that, you'll get an email letting you know they are ready to move forward! Contact them to work on an agreeable schedule or collect a deposit and then click the Schedule button to put the project on your schedule.

  • Reporting

    Advanced features like revenue and service analysis reports as well as an integrated Pipeline will let you stay on top of what's working and what's not. Easily monitor your complete sales funnel to ensure you've got enough leads and proposals in the works so you can hit your desired revenue numbers!

    The realtime Backlog view lets you keep track of what jobs have been sold and are ready to be delivered. The map driven route scheduler will let you plan out your team's schedule to minimize time wasted driving from one side of town to the other.

  • Paperless Workflow

    The serviceminder.io mobile web app lets you and your crew work completely paperless. No more work orders to fill out and key into multiple systems. Keep everything in the cloud and share the information with the entire team in real time.

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