The API uses API key-based authentication and is designed for doing scheduling and contact searching/adding/updating, typically in a call center environment. The API provides more complete access to contact data including custom fields, tags, notes, etc. More information is available at

Forms-based Lead Capture

Our lead capture integration makes it easy to take any form on your website or landing page and send that form data directly in to To hook up your form, set the action= attribute to where api-key is replaced with an API key you generate inside that is specific to your account.


Field Name Details
Email Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur.
Name Alternatively can be FirstName and LastName as separate fields
Company (optional)
Address2 Optional
Phone1 The primary phone number. Non-digits will be stripped
Phone1Type Optional phone label to apply (as defined in your account)
Phone2 The alternate phone number. Non-digits will be stripped
Phone2Type Optional phone label to apply (as defined in your account)
Notes a single value that will be added as a note to either the new contact or an existing contact. By default, the Title for the note will be "Form."
ContactType Optional Contact Category
Channel Maps to an existing Channel for lead tracking
Campaign Maps to an optional Campaign for lead tracking. If channel and campaign are blank, we'll use the channel and campaign configured for the API key
Tags Optional. A comma separated list of contact tags to apply
ReferredByHash Optional. The contact hash value to identify the referral source
RedirectUrl If populated, it should be a valid URL that we should redirect to upon success. If not specified, we'll return a JSON payload with details