Text Messaging

Communicate with your customers the way they want to talk to you

Do any texting? Your customers probably do a lot. Text messages are the new voicemail and responding and tracking them is critical to your business's communication strategy. If you're like most businesses, you're doing it from your phone. So when the customer then calls your office and gets somebody different, your staff has no idea what you were texting about.

Our two-way texting add-on enables seemless conversations with your customers without ever leaving serviceminder.io. All conversations are part of your customer's permanent record. You'll have a dedicated local number to use. You can send appointment confirmations via text and if the customer replies back needing to make a change, you can take care of it completely over text. Copy your texting number when texting customers from your phone and a copy of the message is automatically saved.

Add your texting number to your website for instant mobile user convenience. They're already visiting your site from their phone, now they can text you straight from your website with one tap. When they text you, not only can you respond without leaving serviceminder.io, but we'll even bring up their customer record or add a new contact with their number already filled in.

In addition to tracking customer text messages, you can also text with your field crew. Sometimes it's easier to send them updates or quick questions via text than trying to call. And now all those conversations will be logged!