Tried and true

Use QuickBooks for your accounting? You're not alone. If you're still using QuickBooks Desktop, you can still integrate with serviceminder but you'll have to use file downloads to get the customers, invoices and payments into your local QuickBooks. But if you're really moving to the cloud, you can easily update to QuickBooks Online and even upload your current QuickBooks database to make it even simpler.

Once you've got QuickBooks Online set up, you can use the elegant Connect To QuickBooks feature to establish a connection between serviceminder and QuickBooks. From then on, serviceminder will push all of your invoices, customers and payments right into QuickBooks, completely eliminating any extra data entry.

Save time with a direct connection to QuickBooks. Built-in reporting helps you reconcile invoices and payments in case you also invoice or collect payments directly into QuickBooks. For more info, visit www.quickbooks.com.