Go paperless

How do you deliver proposals now? Hand printed on a multi-part carbon form? Or maybe you write a Word document and email that. Either way, without a sytem to track them and ensure you follow up on them, you're driving blind. serviceminder provides an intuitive interface to create and deliver electronic proposals, right to your customer's email inbox. They can review the details and your terms and conditions. When they are ready, they just click the "Accept" link, sign the proposal and you get an email letting you know they are ready to move forward. You can then schedule the proposal with just 2 clicks.

Keeping your proposals organized helps you manage your sales pipeline - you'll always now how much business you have in your funnel. The system can even send out period reminders about the open proposals as well as make it easy for you to "work your stack" and follow up with prospects about your open proposals and be proactive to answer questions and close more deals.

Deliver professional looking proposals, track them, and book them for more top line revenue.