Pivot Grids

Easy data filtering

Are you an Excel junkie? If you are, you probably already know what a pivot grid is. If you're not, you're still going to be glad that pivot grids are built in to serviceminder. Pivot grids allow you to select the column and row headings so you can summarize and sort your data in a way that answers your questions. For example, how many proposals did you generate in each of the last 3 years, by channel? How much of your revenue was from new customers verses existing customers? What was your sales mix between service offerings broken down by quarter?

There are two ready-to-use pivot grids for analyzing revenue (invoices) and proposal data. You can create the views you want and save them for instant recall when you're in a number crunching mood.

While past performance is never the sole indicator of future performance, knowing how things went and what worked in the past is often a great way to get things set up for success in the future. The pivot grids are just another tool in your bag to help you do just that.