Divide up the work

Whether you're part of a franchise system or are independent, for scheduling efficiency, it's usually a good idea to break down your service area into chunks. You can then set up a schedule such as "north of town on Mondays," "east of town on Tuesdays," etc. Many systems let you set this type of scheduling up through the use of zip codes. With serviceminder's integrated geozone handling, you can do it all with a few clicks.

The Geozone manager lets you draw your zones by just clicking on a map. When you're done with each zone, just name it and put in a simple description. Need to make changes? Just click and drag the polygon points around till you have it just like you want. Then go to your crew's schedule and attach the zones to the days you want them to go. It's just that easy!

Save time and gas money by setting up service area geozones so you're sending your crew out efficiently. And your scheduling doesn't have to be manual any more. With built-in geozone support, it's automatic.