Flexible Configuration

Every business is different. Field service businesses all have slightly different workflows to get their job done. Your business is no different. serviceminder offers lots of configuration options and capabilities to support a variety of different workflows. You can go completely paperless, using mobile devices to distribute your work orders and appointments. You can also easily print out the workorders for each crew member, with a handy cover sheet detailing everywhere they are supposed to go and what time they're supposed to be there. When they're done, they bring back the paper with notes and you can update all the tickets in the system.

Even if paperless is your thing, you can even give your field crew final invoice approval permission or when they complete a job, then preliminary invoice can be sent to you for review and approval. Either way, as soon as the invoice is done, you can collect payment or send the invoice to the customer via email for them to pay online.

You don't have to change how you do business to use serviceminder. Odds are, it can be configured to work the way you want to work.