Service Renewal Emails

Remind your customers before they remind you

Service agreements and regularly scheduled services are a great way to keep in front of the customer and build long term recurring revenue streams. Almost every service business has the potential to create some kind of recurring activity, even if it's just a simple annual inspection.

Key to making that work is tracking everyone's contracts and then reminding them when it's time to renew. serviceminder can automatically email them when they are about to expire. They can click a link and schedule the service themselves or have a message sent to you for you to schedule. We can even print and mail the reminder letters for you.

Built in snapshots of who's expiring or recently expired lets you easily follow up with everyone by phone or email to ensure they stay current. All you have to do is contact them. serviceminder takes are of the rest.

Integrated service contract management. Automated renewals. More recurring revenue.